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NHTSA Awards 5-Star Overall Safety Score to All Six 2017 Buick Vehicles

Drivers are drawn to the Buick brand for various reasons. One particular reason is regarding the safety its models provide. In fact, even the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agrees, presenting all six luxury cars in the 2017 Buick lineup with an overall 5-star safety score. That is to say, buyers who choose a Buick can relax and enjoy peace of mind on their adventures through South Jordan and beyond.


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Quiet Opulence is the Hallmark of the New 2017 Buick LaCrosse

In case you haven’t heard, Buick’s sedan flagship—the 2017 LaCrosse--is all-new this year. With a design that combines presence with sleek, modern craftsmanship, its curb appeal is impossible to ignore. On the inside, the quiet, opulently-appointed interior provides a spacious and ambient setting to enjoy wherever the journey of day-to-day life takes you.

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Car Wash Your Investment

A clean car is a valuable resale asset. Everyone loves a new car because it is shiny with that new car smell. However, the cost is too much of an investment for some and others are simply looking for a well-kept car of good value. If you keep your car washed, it may bring high resale value when you decide you want a change.

A good car wash each week can prevent dirt buildup and stop corrosion. A car freshly purchased is shiny and the paint job is in pristine condition. The best way to keep this shine from damage…
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Don't Get Stranded Due to Bad Tire Service

Winter can be cold and harsh especially if you live in the north part of the country. This can as a result lead to damage to your tires a lot quicker than in other parts of the country. People in the south have to worry about heat hurting their tires and the north has the cold. There is something that you can do to make sure that your tires are in proper working order on a regular basis. Looking at them will be a vital part in proper tire service.

Dry rot is one of the biggest things that a…
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Utah Road Trip with the GMC Acadia Denali

On any other day, your GMC Acadia Denali is the family work horse going to school, work, the store, and everywhere else everyday life takes you throughout the week. But Summer’s coming up, and soon the work horse is going to turn into the vessel for the family road trip. So, here are some road trips here in Utah that are perfect for your GMC Acadia Denali. 

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Why is My Check Engine Light Flashing?

The check engine light can be one of the more stressful signs that something is amiss with your vehicle, especially considering the myriad of issues that an activated check engine light may represent. Although vehicles these days are designed to be more efficient than ever before, eventually the parts on these vehicles will begin to decline in function. Here are five common reasons that your check engine light may be on:

O2 sensor

mass airflow sensor

Loose gas cap

catalytic converter

spark plugs...

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Take Advantage of our Special Offers

Even though we’re halfway into February, it’s still a new year, and the new year deserves a new approach, so to help you find that new approach, we have some special offers on a few Buick and GMC vehicles. 

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